Advanced Diver Level 2

As a new diver, you may be unsure of taking off with your buddy to explore the depths. A simple one-weekend advanced course might be the ticket. After Open Water Diver or at any point in a diver's experience, this course adds five instructional dives to your log. Detailed briefings before each dive explain the objectives.

The dive experiences include Compass navigation, and Environmental Survey, work on Diving Comfort, a Deep Dive and a Night Dive. The course is usually completed over one weekend and the course fee of $99 includes air fills, quarry entrance fees and instruction.

A compass and underwater flashlight are items that would be useful but may be rented as well as other equipment needs for this portion of the advanced series. This course is typically held monthly from May through September but can be included on trips south during cooler weather. This is an ideal two-day course at Vortex Spring in Northern Florida in the winter.

Combine Advanced with Dry Suit Diver and take the course any time of the year. 

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Last modification: Tue 27 Jun 2017