2021 Class Schedules

Entry Class OPEN WATER DIVER:            Updated 2-4-21

Schedule for 2021 is below and will continue to be modified as more dates are available

Check our Facebook Events Page for the most up to date class schedule 

YMCA of Muncie - Downtown Branch -

 From February-April we will have two sessions going at once

 Session 1 will be on Thursday Evenings and Session 2 will be on Tuesday Evenings.

Tom Leaird and Randy Smith on Thursdays February 25th-April 8th-- Sign up TODAY! Class space is limited!

Carol Reed and Alex Davis on Tuesdays March 2nd-April 13th-- Sign up TODAY! Class space is limited!

Class days run from 5:30pm-9:30pm 





Pendleton High School   Instructors  Mike Guard & Teresa Watson --Sign Up TODAY!

Open Water Diver Course

Sundays 4:00 to 8:00 pm   February 28-April 18th              

For information about scuba classes in the Pendleton, IN area please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Yorktown High School Sundays 4:00pm-8:00pm with Instructor Trent Stone

I Tried Scuba  **NEW Dates Pending**

Class Starts  **NEW Dates Pending**



Cole Center YMCA, Kendallville with Instructor Scott Kabrich

- Contact us for Open Water class dates 


Ball State University academic with Sheli Plummer

Aquatic school, May 3rd-10th - 8-day class, evenings 6-10 pm (2021 Dates coming soon)



Outdoor Pursuits with Ryan Plummer

Spring: I Tried Scuba - Dates Postponed Wednesday 7-9 pm 

Open Water class –  Dates Postponed Wednesday 6-10 pm

Fall: I Tried Scuba –Dates Postponed

Open Water class – Dates Postponed


Anderson University academic class - Tuesday evenings – Mike Guard & Teresa Watson

 **NEW Dates Pending**


New Castle YMCA – Mike Guard & Teresa Watson

 **NEW Dates Pending**




Snorkeling anytime summer – any stafff member


Snorkeling         Can be scheduled anytime in the pool or from April-October in the Quarry at Philips Outdoor Center

Advanced Level 2:       June 12-13    July 17-18    Aug 7-8     Aug 21-22

Advanced Level 3:                             July 24-25    Aug 28-29 

DRAM Rescue:           May 8 - 9         Oct 9-10 

Ice Diver:                     February 2021 Pending Ice     

Nitrox Diver:                 Can be taught On Demand almost anytime

Scheduled for:            Jan 27   April 13     May 4     July 20     August 10    Sept. 21   

Equipment Service:    March 16 & 23    Sept 14 & 21   Nov 11th & 12th

Search and Recovery: Aug 14 – 16 – 22 - 23

Wreck Diver:               July 18 – 19 – 25 - 26 

Drysuit Diver: Can be taught On Demand almost anytime

Underwater Archaeology:  TBD

Coral Reef Ecology: TBD


Florida Keys, July 18th-15th 2021 Sheli & Ryan Plummer




Divemaster:                 March 20 - 21 - April 6              September 18 - 19 - 25

Assistant Instructor:    April 16 - 17 - 18

Instructor:                    May 14 - 15 - 16 - 17


VORTEX SPRING – Student dives and Advanced Level 2 and just for fun

Dec. 27-28-29-30, 2021 (XMAS)

Call our store for more information or to sign up - 765-288-8144



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Last modification: Wed 24 Feb 2021