Dry Suit Diver

Diving in Indiana, we are challenged with temperatures much of the year. Learning to use a dry suit extends your diving pleasure.

If you purchase a drysuit from our dive center the drysuit course is FREE, If you already have a drysuit the course fee is $125. 

Air traveling throughout the suit is a challenge to learn. You will learn to assemble, care for, and dive in the comfort of a dry suit. There are many types of suits and we cover each of these during the classroom portion. A take-home video is included as part of the course. If you purchase a dry suit, we include the training. Certification, if desired, can be purchased when completed.

There is nothing like stepping off into 40 degree water in the winter and not feeling the water coming into the suit like traditional wet suits. Winter diving is a great way to extend your diving year.

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Last modification: Tue 27 Jun 2017