Dry Suit Diver

Diving in Indiana, we are challenged with temperatures much of the year. Learning to use a dry suit extends your diving pleasure.

Learning how to dive in a wet suit can extend bottom time and keep the diver warmer in colder temperatures, especially diving here in Indiana. This Dry Suit course teaches you how to assemble, care for and dive in the comfort of the Dry Suit. In the classroom portion students will learn how to care and make field repairs to their Dry Suit. Two dives are completed, this can be challenging because the air travels through the suit. If you purchase a dry suit from our dive center the Dry Suit course is FREE if you would like to rent or already have a Dry Suit the course fee is 125.00 and a rental fee of 75.00 for the Dry Suit. 

There is nothing like stepping off into 40 degree water in the winter and not feeling the water coming into the suit like traditional wet suits. Winter diving is a great way to extend your diving year.

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Last modification: Fri 25 Feb 2022