Ice diver

Ice Diver

Each of us has walked outside our homes during the winter when the temperature is far below freezing. We just dress for the occasion. The same principle applies to diving in the winter.

Diving under the ice can be an exciting time if trained for the safety rules that must be followed. In this course, we expand the material to include safety on the surface of the ice, how to rig and handle the required tether lines as well as how to remain warm and comfortable during winter diving.

Remember, the water temperature of our local quarry never goes below 37 degrees in the winter, even under the ice. When it is 20 degrees outside, the divers are warmer than those tending the lines on the surface.

This one-weekend course occurs at the end of January each year when we have sufficient ice for a safe course. The cost is $140.

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Last modification: Tue 27 Jun 2017