Underwater Archaeology

Underwater Archaeology

This course is an introduction to professional underwater archeology. Instructor Carol Reed teaches the beginnings of underwater archeology and recovery diving from centuries past. Working her way up to current Underwater Archeology methods.

Students will learn the processes that preserve items underwater. Archeological processes for objects discovered and brought up from the water. Students will also learn the value of these objects and their contributions to history and society. At the dive site, students will document ‘wrecks’ and excavation sites. This course holds interest for those who enjoy history and archeology. 

In this course the process of fossilization is also taught alongside the archeology course.  In this part of the course students will learn fossils found in Indiana and Florida. Fossil formation and types, collecting fossils and the legality. 

Course fee: $99.00 

Includes 4 dives 

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Last modification: Mon 21 Feb 2022