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Advanced Open Water

These advanced courses are designed for divers to gain confidence, explore a variety of diving opportunities  and enjoy the underwater world! Start with Advanced Level 2 and work your way up. Check out our specialty courses for more fun underwater 

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Advanced Level 2

Gain more confidence and comfort in the water with this two-day weekend course. This course  has five instructional dives. Within these dives students will continue to build on their open water skills, the instructional dives include Compass Navigation, Environmental Survey, Deep Dive, Night

Dive and Diving Comfort.

Compass and underwater flashlights are needed and a good idea for the student to purchase but can be rented as well as other equipment needs. 

Class Length: One weekend

Cost: $99 + rentals if needed

2024 Classes:

May 25 & 26 

June 29th & 30th

August 31st & September 1st


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Advanced Level 3

After students have completed their Open Water Course and Advanced Level 2 they can gain more knowledge and diving comfort by taking Level 3 This course includes five more training dives and classroom learning. Dives include Underwater Construction, Compass Navigation, Search and Recovery, Light Salvage. These dives introduce Specialty Courses that can give students specific training in different types of recreational diving.

Class Length: One weekend

Cost: $150 Includes air fills, quarry entrance fees and instruction. Certification after completion of the course 

Not included gear rentals


2024 Classes:

July 20 & 21

September 7th & 8th


Master Diver Level 4

For those who want to achieve the ultimate in diver education this is the program. Rather than take specific classes lecture and water skill requirements are done on a check-off basis. 

Class Length: At your own pace

Cost: 2024 Pricing Coming Soon! additional costs may apply

Next Class: On Demand





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