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Specialty Courses

These advanced specialty courses are designed for divers to continue their diving education and skills. 

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Nitrox Diver

Enriched Air Nitrox is a great certification to get if you would like to extend your dive time with reduced exposure to decompression sickness. Many divers also say they feel less tired and warmer after the dive when breathing nitrox. By taking this course the diver will learn proper procedures for breathing Enriched air. Maximum depth limitations, mixing and analyzing make this course necessary for anyone wanting to use and learn Nitrox.

Class Length: 1 evening & 2 dives

Cost: 2024 Pricing Coming Soon! includes Certification, text & workbook, Nitrox tables, and two EANx fills

Next Class: Tues April 16th 4pm-10pm

Location: Underwater Service


Equipment Service

In this course students spend two evenings at the dive store learning the basic operating principles of maintaining their personal dive equipment  including regulator, BCD, and tank. Students are given the chance for hands-on experience working on equipment from the inside out. This course is a wonderful opportunity to learn to do minor maintenance and repairs to personal gear. Students will also learn when to take gear to professionals for additional service. 

Class Length: Two evening classes

Cost: 2024 Pricing Coming Soon! includes classroom training, and certification upon completion

Next Class: Tues May 21 & Tues 28


Diver Rescue & Accident Management

This is perhaps the best course we teach beyond Open Water Diver. This is a two-day weekend course with classroom,  hands on experience and emergency scenarios. 

In this course students will learn to identify signs of an incident before it becomes an accident. Students will learn CARE:  Cognizance, Assessment, Rescue and Evacuation. 

 The course also focuses on how stress levels in buddy pairs can be identified and reduced before either buddy gets into trouble causing an incident that leads to an accident. With this course divers will become more cognizant on every dive and learn to recognize signs of trouble in themselves and their buddy.

Class Length:  one weekend

Cost: 2024 Pricing Coming Soon!

Next Class: May 25 & 26




Learning how to dive in a dry suit can extend bottom time and keep the diver warmer in colder temperatures, especially diving here in Indiana. This Dry Suit course teaches you how to assemble, care for and dive in the comfort of the dry suit. In the classroom portion students will learn how to care and make field repairs to their dry suit. 

Class Length: One day

Cost: 2024 Pricing Coming Soon!

Dry suit rental $75.00

Next Class: On Demand


Ice Diver

This specialty course is a fun opportunity for divers to expand their diving season and knowledge. This course is designed around the safety of ice diving, including below and above the ice,  and proper rigging and handling the required tether lines. In the classroom students will gain tips on how to stay warm and comfortable while ice diving.

The water temperature of Philips Quarry which is used for the Ice Diving course always remains at 37 degrees in the winter even under the ice! Divers under the water are typically warmer than those on the surface tending lines!

Class Length: One weekend

Cost: 2024 Pricing Coming Soon!

Next Class: February 2024 (only available when there is a sufficient amount of ice)

Scuba Oxygen Tank

Search and Recovery

Any divers wanting to learn how to locate and recover objects lost underwater should take this course. This course teaches the proper procedures and methods for search and recovery operations while also emphasizing diver safety on the job. 

Recovery divers must be trained to handle any problems that may occur in their work and be prepared to handle it professionally and safely.

Open Water training will include quarry and lake environments if conditions are safe.

Class Length: Two weekends

Cost: 2024 Pricing Coming Soon!

Next Class:  July 28 & 28 and Aug 3 & 4


Underwater Photography

Sessions will occur in the classroom and pool to acquaint divers with taking pictures underwater. All camera types are covered. An alternative mini-photo course with three sessions covering digital cameras or video is offered. Depending on the season this is done in the pool or open water.

Class Length: 2-3 Sessions

Cost:  2024 Pricing Coming Soon!

Next Class:  We are creating a updated course if interested please let us know


Emalee 2.JPG

Underwater Archaeology

This course is an introduction to professional underwater archeology. Instructor Carol Reed teaches the beginnings of underwater archeology and recovery diving from centuries past. Working her way up to current underwater archeology methods.

Students will learn the processes that preserve items underwater. Students will also learn the value of artifacts and their contributions to history and society. At the dive site students will document ‘wrecks’ and excavation sites. This course holds interest for those who enjoy history and archeology. 

Class Length: one weekend

Cost: 2024 Pricing Coming Soon!


Coral Reef Ecology

This course will make your time on coral reefs more meaningful. Instructor Carol Reed starts millions of years ago when reefs formed up to present day and appreciate the various reef forms today. This course is best to be taken prior to making a trip to the ocean. Open water assignments can be done during the trip.  

This class also applies to freshwater environments because we are in the middle of the inland sea of times past.

Class Length: one weekend

Cost: 2024 Pricing Coming Soon!

Interested in becoming a Divemaster or beginning your journey to be a Scuba Instructor?

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