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Open Water Diver

Earn world-wide respected certification through our education-oriented classes. Your certification will never expire. Typical classes are seven sessions in classroom and pool, and then we go out to enjoy open water dives. When Certified through Underwater Service you will be a Scuba Educators International Diver. SEI was founded in 2008, SEI was formerly the YMCA Scuba program. Compared to other agencies, our SEI Diving courses emphasize comprehensive diving knowledge and the opportunity for intensive skills practice. Both in the pool and open water.  New divers are able to enjoy the underwater world from the very first dives. 


I Tried Scuba

‘I Tried Scuba’ is a fantastic program for people who want to try out scuba diving before taking our 7 week course. In this two hour program students will spend one hour in the classroom learning safe scuba diving training and all the opportunities you will have as an Open Water Diver should they continue their scuba diving education with us. 


In the one hour pool session, students will be asked to complete a short swim , prior to being shown how to use  mask, snorkel and fins. After practicing with basic equipment you will have a chance to put on scuba gear and swim underwater with an instructor for a tour at the bottom of the pool. 

Ages: 10+

Class Length:  2 hours

Upcoming Sessions:

April 1st at Blackford County High School

April 4th at Muncie Central High School

June 6th at Muncie Central High School

August 29th at Muncie Central High School

For more information or to schedule this class, contact Leaird's Underwater Service or click below to sign up!


Open Water Diver


This 7 week course meets once a week for four hours. Two hours are spent in the classroom and two hours are spent in the pool. During these 7 weeks students will learn the importance of dive safety, dive planning, physiology of the human body, marine life, and so much more.



The pool sessions are designed to gradually increase the student’s confidence in the water. 

Students will learn how to assemble their scuba gear both in and out of water, buoyancy, safety and lifesaving skills. Each session the students will learn new skills and become more comfortable in the water. 


-Minimum age 15 yrs old (12-14 Junior Open Water Diver).

-Complete a medical questionnaire.

-Complete a swimming ability test. Including underwater swim, surface swim and treading/survival floating exercises.

Class Length:   7 weeks

Next Class:

Lifetime Learning at Ball State University, March 13th-April 24th, 2024 6-10pm

Blackford County Muncie Central High School, April 8th-May 21st, 2024 time 6-10pm

Muncie Central High School, April 11th-May 23rd, 2024 6-10pm

Yorktown High School, February 4th -March 17th, 2024 4-8pm

To sign up for the sessions above, click the link below:


Ball Gym at Ball State University, SPRING 2024  Please sign up through Life Time Learning through Ball State University with the link below or email instructor Sheli Plummer for questions

For more information or to schedule this class, contact Leaird's Underwater Service


Open Water Training Dives

Open Water Dives 

After the classroom and pool sessions have been completed students will complete their open water dives here in Muncie at Philips Outdoor Center. If students would like to complete their Open Water dives in warmer water this can be arranged. Referral packets are $15.00.

SEI instructors often make dive trips to Florida, Open Water dives can be arranged then.

After completion of the course you will gain a world wide recognized Scuba Certification that lasts a lifetime. 

2024  Checkout dive dates (Dates subject to change)

April 20 – 21    BSU

April 27– 28    BSU

May 18 – 19    YHS

May 11-12    BSU Aquatic School

June 8 – 9

June 15-16

July 13 – 14

Aug. 10 – 11

Aug 24 - 25

Oct. 12 – 13

Oct. 19 – 20

Oct. 26 - 27

For more information or to schedule this class, contact Leaird's Underwater Service

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